Business Tools & E-Books

Want to start your own clothing brand? Looking to start a new business? Need to better understand taxes from a small business owner's perspective? The owner of Undefined Clothing, Dyesha Belhumeur, has created a series of e-books to help you do all of the above!

How to Start A T-Shirt Company with Less Than $500

Looking to start your own clothing brand? Dyesha has created an e-book, Start a T-Shirt Company with Less Than $500 to help you do just that! Taking all of what she has learned the last three years running Undefined and paying it forward to help others  on their journey. This is the complete beginner's guide to starting a t-shirt company (or an apparel brand). This e-book includes information about:
Company Setup: How to register your company and set up an online e-commerce store
Buying Blanks and Manufacturing: What's the difference and what to look for 
Design Techniques: A  quick explanation of the main design techniques, along with a couple of specialty techniques to set your brand apart
Cost of Getting Started: Costs for different design techniques, getting started, and establishing first sales
and a list of trusted vendors both in the US and overseas used by Undefined!


Business Basics

For those of you interested in entrepreneurship that may not be apparel-retail specific, Dyesha has created an e-book to help you understand the basics of getting started. Business Basics is the must have business e-book for up and coming business owners! In it, she presents the foundational steps of starting a business from the seed of an idea. This e-book includes:
Business License Registration: What business structure to register as and how to register 
E-Commerce & Social Media: How Instagram and Facebook communicate with your online store 
Shopify Tips and App List: The must have apps when starting a Shopify store 
Finance Fundamentals: Crash course in financial statements and terms, and bookkeeping 
Intro to Trademarks: What they are and how to file
and much more!

Business Taxes 101

Last, but certainly not least, Dyesha has written Business Taxes 101 to assist the new business owner in understanding taxes. This is one of the most overlooked areas of beginning a business which also carries some the largest penalties.   Introducing the new business owner's intro to understanding taxes and being compliant! This e-book includes:
Tax Basics: Know where you should be collecting and paying taxes
Tax Write Offs to Take Advantage of: Write offs that are commonly overlooked by new business owners 
Tax Filings and Returns: An overview of the different sets of taxes you must file and pay
Tips to Filing in Washington state: Insight to filing quarterly taxes with the state 
Intro to S-Corps: Tax benefits of S-Corporations and when to use them
WA State Insights: Detailed illustrations of how to file taxes in the state of Washington
and much more!!!