Our Story

Undefined was created to go against the grain, and push others to do the same. Historically, Black people, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and members of other minority groups have been defined based on stereotypes placed upon them and not what they feel is an adequate expression of who they are. Designed to encourage:

-the Black community,

-people of color, and

-members of the LGBTQIA+ community

to live outside of the box that society has placed them in, Undefined aims to empower those who wear it to express the most important aspects of their identity, culture, and beliefs. 



About the Founder

Being a Black, gay, woman, Dyesha is no stranger to marginalization and finds joy in defying stereotypes. Coupled with an intimate curiosity and appreciation for all things possessing melanin she has always held a passion for her blackness and pride in her identity. 

Even as children, we as African Americans, and minorities in the larger sense, come to the realization that we are different, beyond just the color of our skin. For her, that occurred in elementary school during Black History Month, when for the first time she looked up the definitions of "white" and "black" in the dictionary. To see white defined as pure and clean, but black as dirty, full of suffering, and evil, led to a lifelong of inquiry and defiance of the status quo. 

Minoring in diversity, she began to explore the inter-workings of institutionalized racism, the history of blacks in America beyond their "emancipation", systematic oppression, and many other realities of black life that we are forced to seek out to be exposed to. There is something about the unrealized strength and power that black and brown people possess, which has fueled her to educate herself on the history of her people. It is through this journey that she has reached a point of living Undefined.