Break the Chains Logo Explained

Break the Chains Logo Explained

Folks always ask "how'd you come up with that logo"? And “what does that mean”? Well, allow us to break it down...


It took about a month and a half and a few motivating ideas to do so. We wanted to keep the fist from the KXP Bomber as the base for this design. It has previously been recognized as a symbol of the Black Power movement, and as of today has grown to be more commonly accepted as a symbol of unity, especially within marginalized groups. It created the foundation for our design. 

Then came the shackle... 

Flipping through a magazine, the founder noticed an illustration of a fist with a shackle on the wrist. As she thought about it for a day or two, she decided to instead use a broken shackle. The broken shackle would represent the structures of oppression and exclusion that perpetuate systemic racism towards black and brown people. These same systems have historically prevented the socioeconomic advances of these groups and aid in the expansion of socioeconomic gaps between specific races and groups of people. 
When combined with the unity fist, it looks almost as if the clenching of the fist is what has caused the shackle to break.
The final touch was the crown on top: a symbol of power and leadership, and a reminder that we are the descendants of kings and queens.

Together, the Break the Chains logo can be understood as this: underrepresented and marginalized groups will be valued and eventually and reach positions of power via intra- and interracial unification and solidarity. It will require not just unification among Blacks, Africans, Native Americans, Latino/as, etc., but across all of these groups as well.

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